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  • How about the price of cold drawn precision seamless tube? 2018/01/03 The general specifications are 16mm-180mm in outer diameter and 1-20mm in wall thickness. The market quotation is 320 yuan per meter. The price is for reference only. The weight of cold drawn precision seamless tube can be calculated by the following formula: [(outer diameter wall thickness) * wall thickness] * 0.02466 = kg / M (per meter of
  • How much about high precision seamless pipe? 2018/01/02 The price of high-precision seamless pipe is between 100 yuan and 150 yuan. Its connection strength is high, and the gas protection of welding joint on site is difficult to meet the standard, which makes the weld easy to rust and directly reduces the service life of the pipeline; The installation quality is highly dependent on the welding workers' technology, and the quality is difficult to be stable. High precision seamless tube is a kind of cold rolling or cold drawing after treatment
  • Wholesale price of cold drawn precision seamless pipe Market 2016/08/25 The following is the wholesale price range of cold drawn precision seamless pipe market, the price is for reference only. 1. 4-219 large diameter cold drawn precision bright seamless steel pipe origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong reference price: 4.0-6.0 yuan
  • Quotation of precision seamless stainless steel pipe 2016/08/09 Ningbo Dagang precision Pipe Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing and selling cold-rolled precision pipes of various specifications and seamless pipes, elbows, tees, reducers, flanges and special-shaped pipes. The products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, pneumatic, hydraulic, aviation, aerospace and other industries. The company with good reputation, high quality products, strong strength, low
  • Factors affecting the price trend of precision seamless stainless steel pipe 2016/08/03 As the saying goes, no matter how rich people are, they are also worried about money. Precision seamless stainless steel manufacturers are no exception, can understand the price trend is essential. There are four reasons that affect the price trend of precision seamless stainless steel pipe, which are the current economic situation, the large demand capacity and the large amount of capital flow. Domestic economic environment
  • Analysis on price trend of precision seamless pipe after Spring Festival 2016/02/22 After the Spring Festival, the price of precision seamless steel pipe is weak and stable temporarily. Merchants reflect that the shipment during the festival is still depressed, and there is room for narrow range oscillation in some quotations. The market of precision seamless steel pipe is cold, and the merchants still focus on shipping. However, under the cold market, the merchants are weak in shipping, and there may be no inventory operation in the near future. Market mentality, after the precipitation of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, price reduction before the festival
  • Recent price fluctuation of ultra precision seamless pipe 2016/01/13 Recently, due to the impact of steel billet diving again, the price of ultra precision seamless pipe has also been greatly affected. At present, the situation is uncertain and the trend is unclear. Some industry insiders claim that even if the national policy continues to increase the scale to maintain stability, the market is still shrouded in pessimism, and there is still no improvement in the market, and the willingness to kill is still there. From the cost point of view, ultra precision
  • The price of precision seamless steel tube is slightly adjusted 2016/01/04 Recently, according to the reports of relevant businesses, the pressure on the delivery of precision seamless steel tubes is on the increase. However, due to the end of the year, the willingness of merchants to reduce prices is weak. On the other hand, since the steel market has not been out of the off-season, the downstream procurement demand has not been active, and the screw price has continued to fall in recent days, so the mentality of the merchants is relatively pessimistic. In general, precision seamless steel tube in
  • Price of precision seamless pipe in major cities of China on 28th (Chart & Table) 2015/12/31 Precision seamless tube Shanghai Hangzhou Nanjing Wuxi Jinan Hefei Fuzhou Nanchang Guangzhou Changsha Wuhan Zhengzhou Beijing Tianjin Langfang Shenyang Harbin Chongqing Chengdu Xi'an Lanzhou average price 108 * 4
  • Price trend of precision seamless pipe in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the second half of the year 2016/07/21 Product name material specification (mm) regional processing mode price precision seamless pipe 20 mm (GB / T8162-1999) Ф 25 * 2.5 Beijing cold drawn precision seamless pipe (GB / t8162-19

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