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  • How to clean the inner wall of precision steel pipe? 2019/08/07 As is known to all, there will be oil stains, oxide scale produced by welding and some other dirt in the production process of precision steel pipe. The outer wall is easier to clean. If there is oil stain, it can be cleaned with organic solvent or alkali solution. If it is rusty, use special rust remover. But how to clean the inner wall thoroughly? If the cleanliness requirements are high, use ultrasonic to clean
  • How to clean the inner wall of precision steel pipe? 2019/06/13 If the cleanliness requirement is high, the steel pipe precision pipe should be cleaned by ultrasonic wave: the principle of ultrasonic cleaning: when the ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, the violent change of sound pressure causes the liquid to produce strong air phenomenon, and millions of tiny cavitation bubbles are produced every second. Under the action of sound pressure, these bubbles are produced rapidly in large quantities and will continue to explode violently
  • How to transport stainless steel precision pipe? 2019/05/17 After the production of stainless steel precision pipe, many manufacturers will face a problem: how to deliver the stainless steel precision pipe to customers more effectively. In fact, this is very simple. Today we will introduce it to you. In order to ensure that the surface of stainless steel precision pipe is not scratched or polluted, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage of stainless steel precision pipe. 1. Stainless steel
  • Standard and production process of precision tube 2019/03/28 Standard of precision pipe: 1. National standard of precision pipe: GB / t3639-2009. In addition, there may be applications of GB / t8162-2008 structural precision steel pipe. 2. International standard of precision tube: DIN2391, EN10305-1, e
  • Under what environment will the precision special-shaped steel pipe be corroded? 2019/03/04 Although the torsion resistance and corrosion resistance of precision special-shaped steel pipe are stronger than that of ordinary steel pipe, there are still some environments that can cause corrosion to precision special-shaped steel pipe. The following environment should be avoided as far as possible to avoid corrosion of precision profiled steel pipe. 1. Acid water the acidity of acid water is much stronger than ordinary water quality
  • How to choose and buy Precision Tube correctly? 2019/03/01 Now the application of precision pipe is more and more common, involving many fields, because the precision pipe has the advantages that other steel pipe can't match, and better adaptability, so its application is more and more extensive, but the quality of precision pipe produced and processed in the society is different, how to choose and buy the precision pipe correctly, the following are the matters needing attention in purchasing precision pipe
  • What are the surface treatment processes for precision tubes? 2019/02/18 Surface treatment process of precision tube: 1. Before passivation and pickling treatment, the surface of precision tube must be degreased and degreased first, and further components must be welded after degreasing treatment to avoid carbon in high temperature of the picker. 2. Passivation of precision tubes and tubes
  • How to select high quality cold drawn precision bright tube? 2018/12/17 Precautions for cleaning the cold drawn precision bright tube: 1. Strictly control the temperature and operation time of the treatment liquid; 2. Pickling and derusting should be thorough. Once the rust is not removed, it needs to be re pickled; 3. In the production, the composition concentration of phosphating solution and saponification solution should be tested frequently to ensure the production index of phosphating solution and saponification liquid
  • Effect of surface treatment on properties of thick wall precision tube 2018/12/10 The effects of surface treatment on the properties of thick wall precision tube are as follows: 1. Surface quenching is a heat treatment which only changes the surface structure but does not change the chemical composition of the surface layer. It can be realized by high frequency, medium frequency or power frequency current induction heating or flame heating. The common feature is that the surface of the precision tube with thick wall is heated rapidly to the quenching temperature
  • What is seamless small diameter precision tube? 2018/12/05 The seamless small diameter precision pipe is centring on the end face of the piercing end of the tube blank, and then sent to the heating furnace for heating. The piercing machine is continuously rotating and advancing at the same time. Under the action of the roller and the plug, a cavity is gradually formed inside the tube blank, which is then sent to the automatic pipe rolling mill for continuous rolling. Finally, the wall thickness is adjusted by the whole machine and the diameter is calibrated by the sizing machine to meet the specification requirements

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