What You Will Experience While Using Etizolam ?

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Etizolam is an effective anti-anxiety medicine that is similar to benzodiazepine class of medicines. It is used for the management of anxiety and short-term treatment of insomnia (sleeplessness). In terms of energy level alterations, this substance has the potential to become very sedating in a rapid-acting fashion. People who take large doses of Etizolam can lead them to feel extremely sleep deprived. They may feel like they haven’t slept for days at a time. People can become dizzy and feel the need to sit down as if they are about to pass out. High doses can also lead users to go into complete unconsciousness. Lethargy can also make people disengage in physical activities. You should not operate a vehicle when on high doses of Etizolam.

You will most likely only experience cognitive euphoria after taking a high dose of Etizolam. This will usually arise once pre-existing anxiety from the user is released. However, many other users have reported they feel not euphoric or pleasurable effects from taking Etizolam or any other benzodiazepine. Etizolam is usually is taken orally, but there are other options as well. Here is what can be experienced when taking Etizolam orally:

Effects Of *1 Mg. Dosage

There generally are no recreational or euphoric effects when taking this small dosage. Any effect will take place around 30 minutes after ingestion. The effects will peak about a half an hour later. On this dosage, most people feel mildly relaxed but are still able to maintain alertness. It can be compared to a very small amount of Xanax. If you suffer from insomnia due to anxiety, this dosage may help you get to sleep faster at best.

Effects Of *2 Mg. Dosage

This dosage will cause you a slight euphoric effects. Just like the previous dose, it will go into effect after 30 minutes. When you reach the peak hour, the effects will be a little stronger. You may experience a tingling sensation in your head and then a slight relaxed feeling. If used for anxiety, it can be compared to taking .3 mg of Xanax. If you need it for insomnia, you will notice you will fall asleep more quickly.

Effects Of *3 Mg. Dosage

At this dosage, you should experience a euphoric effect. Some have reported to feel it within as little as 20 minutes on an empty stomach. You will notice a profound buzz similar to having a few beers. People who take 3 mg. love the effect it gives them to take away social anxiety. It may be ideal if you were heading out for a night out and didn’t want to feel anxious. For insomnia, it will help slow down rapid thoughts and help you fall asleep easy.

Effects Of *4 Mg. Dosage

This is a strong dosage that is not recommended for most users. It will peak after an hour and provide a moderate euphoric effect. You may feel a warmth spreading through your head and muscles making you completely relaxed. It can be compared to the feeling of drinking several alcoholic beverages but without feeling “drunk.”

Effects Of *5 Mg. Dosage

If you are very tolerant to the effects of benzo’s then you might be prescribed this dosage. Initially you will immediately feel your anxiety completely disappear. Just like the previous dosage, you will feel a dizzy or warm feeling throughout your brain and body. Those with high tolerance can still maintain awareness while on this dosage. It works much better if you lie down and relax particularly before bedtime. Many find themselves completely asleep within 20 minutes.

Effects Of *6 Mg. Dosage

This results in a moderate to strong euphoria. This dosage is best taken at night when you don’t have any responsibilities or things to do. Some people who take this dosage appear sleep deprived or slur their speech. You will notice all feelings of anxiety are eliminated and you will feel completely relaxed. You may start to “nod off” appearing as if you are “sloppy” drunk or extremely tired.

Effects Of *7 Mg. Dosage

You shouldn’t take this dosage if you are planning on driving or communicating with anyone. Many who take this high of a dose will most likely become tolerant to Etizolam. This is a completely euphoric dose that may cause mild hallucinations.

Effects Of *8 Mg. Dosage

The euphoric feeling of this dose almost mirrors that of the 7 mg dosage. Many users cannot function or think clearly on this particular dose. You may experience a high tingling sensation throughout your entire body. The “high” is said to be like a mild to moderate dose of heroin.

Effects Of *9 Mg. Dosage

This is a strong dose that should never be taken while driving due to its overpoweringly euphoric effects. If you fall asleep you my find yourself still “buzzed” eight hours later when you wake up.

Effects Of *10 Mg. Dosage

Most people experience complete blackouts when taking this amount of Etizolam. It is not abnormal to wake up and have no memory of the night before.

Other Way To Consume Etizolam

Sublingual effects are virtually the same as taking Etizolam orally. If you are taking a low dose you may notice the effects happen much faster. Snorting Etizolam through your nasal passages will not necessarily give you a “rush.” When it finally hits your bloodstream, the effects may feel like if you had taken half that dose orally. The effects of taking Etizolam rectally or by smoking it are also not as strong.

Etizolam Withdrawal Symptoms

You may never experience a bad withdrawal, it depends on the person. Mild withdrawal symptoms may include: agitation, sleeplessness, tremors, gastrointestinal discomfort, anxiety, muscle spasms and fearfulness. More serious conditions could include: dizziness, drowsiness, decreased attention, impaired coordination, decreased libido or erectile dysfunction, or disinhibition. When taking any benzodiazepine for anxiety, you could experience “rebound anxiety.” This happens when you take a substance for so long it can actually make your anxiety worse. This typically can lead to dependence and substance abuse. This usually corresponds to the amount of time you have spend under the influence of Etizolam along with the amount consumed.